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As she ran down the dark alley, trying to escape from whatever was chasing after her, she felt something wrapping around her ankle. With a thud she hit the ground, quickly pulling her legs in and jumping back onto her feet. She knew she couldn’t stand still to rest, for she would get caught that way. A huff escaped her mouth softly as she set off and ran further into the alley. The empty buildings surrounding the alley seemed to be closing in, slowly crawling closer towards each other. “Leave me alone!” she screamed with a high pitch to the shadow behind her. Whatever had been chasing her, was closing in now, too. She wondered why such a thing as this was happening to her, she really desired an answer to it, since she didn’t know what she’d done wrong in life.

She had been running for half an hour now, and sweat was breaking on her forehead. The salt water shines slightly in the weak light of the evening’s moon. Her breath had sped up, making her pant a little as her legs continued to carry her deeper into the alley. Her dark hair was waving in the wind, and she felt it tugging gently at the back of her head. Soon the hair tie would slip off, and she would have to stop running to pick it up. But the problem wasn’t that, she knew she had been running for too long, and if she would stop, she couldn’t take another step. “Shit,” she only softly cursed, quickly thinking of her options. Giving in wasn’t the choice she’d go for, so instead she’d continue to flee. Although a tail was more comfortable for her to wear, she’d let it loose now. That was her idea, and that was what she did. She slowly moved her arms up, reaching for her tie. While keeping her eyes focused on the continually slimming path she slowly pulled the tie out. The pitch black hair dropped to her shoulders, gently caressing her face. Like this she continued to run.

But then, after several more minutes, which were around a quarter in total, she had reached the situation she hoped wouldn’t occur. The end of the alley was rapidly nearing her. “Shit shit shit,” she whispered in between pants. She bit her lip as it quivered, feeling her limp body fill head to toes with fear. She went right to the wall, not slowing down. The very last moment before she ran right into the crimson brick wall she slammed her hands right against it, using this speed to turn ever so quickly. And then she stood there, a few feet away from the wall. Soon the sound of a frightening noise was audible, and it was slowly getting nearer. “Damn you-” she swore in a whisper, feeling her lip shiver in fear, but keeping her mind and vision clear.

A broad shadow slowly came into sight, nearing her slowly as she stood there, her legs slightly trembling as they finally got to rest. The shadow only grew, and the thing let out a sound. It was like human-beings screaming out in vain and agony, but then as a choir. She quickly covered her ears, not wishing to hear such a painful sound. “Why?” she whispered with a broken voice, “Why is it me who is your prey? Out of all the people, you chose me to eat. Why?” Her voice was strengthening again, no longer shaking or breaking. She inhaled deeply, and sighed soon after. She reached for her toes, stretching her muscles and preparing for battle. “You know what? I don’t want to hear your reason.” She then said with a cold voice, cracking her knuckles as she stared at the shadow. “C’mon, let’s fight.”

With that said the thing let out another scream, but she only gritted her teeth in reaction. Although her chance of winning would be one out of thousand she still wanted to fight, even if it was just to die worthy. Her lips formed into a smirk, thinking about her gravestone if she died. ‘Cette Fille, RIP’ But then she shook her head. No, don’t think about it, it’ll only have a bad effect. Of course you’ll win this battle! She thought, desperately. She gritted her teeth again, dark-looking eyes focused on the shadow. Honestly, it looked like a pile of slime, but it had substance inside it that had the appearance of limbs and bodies. It was a simply disgusting being, that had chased her. But it was surprisingly fast, seeing as it was still pretty much right behind Cette.

Cette now just tried to restrain her breath and her pulse. Her legs were completely worn out, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to dodge if the thing would try to attack her. Her best defence was attack. “I wonder. If you win this battle, will my corpse be found? Or will you take me with you?” she asked seriously, but didn’t expect the monster to answer her. It wouldn’t be possible, basing on how it has only screamed miserably up to now.
Dark Alley - chapter 1
Hey guys!;;
I'm like, hello I'm active again.
Don't worry, I'm working on Sound Forest as well.
But now this

Written ONLY at school, took me like, 5 lessons in total or something?
But anyway, I think it needs mature content warning, because, you know, you know?
Words are my thing for sure.

Anyway, I'm not sure if I should like, continue.
Please tell me if I should or should not.
And like, I need to figure out what'd happen, I first planned a bad end, but also planned on like, magical girls genre??
Or maybe a bad end, which isn't the end, so like, Cette on her own, adventure, more mature, and like, a lot of gory??

Please enjoy, and tell me your opinions~~

Much love
If you'd like to know, my first original story will most likely be a story called 'Moonlight Fate'.
Three characters have been created already, but much more are going to get designed^^

So, who would like to read it?
It's an animal story, btw
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To protect people on my main account I've chosen to make a special account for my literature art^^

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